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Answers to FAQ on Lace Wigs and How They are Different From Other Wigs

When choosing Lace Wigs, it can be a little overwhelming since there are different types and designs. Knowing the differences between the different types and their manufacturing process can allow a person to make an informed decision in purchasing their wig. Most people have many questions when it comes to purchasing a wig. With this information, people can get the answers they need to make the process of purchasing a wig much easier.

What is a lace front wig? A lace front wig is crafted like a normal wig with one major difference. Lace front wigs contain a piece of sheer lace across the front of the wig and moving from one ear to the other. The reason lace front human hair wigs are used, is because they allow the scalp to show through the lace to mimic the look of natural hair. Lace front wigs can be adhered in place and provide one of the most natural looking types of wigs available on the market.

What is a full lace wig? Full Lace Wigs are made from a cap and then a thin layer of sheer lace that is placed over the cap. Each piece of hair is carefully knotted through the lace. Once the manufacturing process is complete, the wig owner can trim the lace to any shape so their hairline looks as natural as possible. When a wig is crafted with full lace, a person can wear their wig in any style without worrying about it looking fake. These types of wigs allow a person to even wear their wig in a ponytail style.

How long do wigs last? Most high-quality Lace Wigs will last at least two years, depending on how well they are cared for. It is imperative a person follows the directions they are given by their wig manufacturer. This information will instruct a person on how to wash and style their wig without causing any damage that would reduce the life of the wig.

What sizes do wigs come in? When purchasing a wig, it is crucial a person is careful in measuring their head properly. There are three different sizes in wigs, small medium and large. A person needs to know the measurements of the circumference, front to nape, ear to ear, temple to temple and nape of the neck. These measurements will allow a person to know exactly which size will fit them most accurately.

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